The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

Dr. Albert Bandura has been one of the foremost influential thinkers and researchers in Psychology since his career began in the mid-1950's. His work with Social Learning Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Self-Efficacy, and the related clinical applications with Guided Mastery have been seminal to our understanding of everything from how people learn, to the Psychology … Continue reading The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

A Few Short Stories of Dr. Michael Corballis

Dr. Mike Corballis met me on the tiny island of Waiheke, a short ferry ride from downtown Aukland. He is an Emeritus Professor and Inaugural Creativity Fellow at the University of Aukland in New Zealand where he has served since 1978. His research is far-reaching in scope, his publications are theoretically provocative and speak to … Continue reading A Few Short Stories of Dr. Michael Corballis

The Polythematic Approach of Dr. Max Coltheart

Dr. Max Coltheart has drawn together people and ideas to form an understanding of  thought and belief systems. He has done so with studies of visual perception, speech and language processes, computational modeling, clinical patients and their delusions, and a range of other fascinating phenomena. While Dr. Coltheart is Australian, his career has taken him … Continue reading The Polythematic Approach of Dr. Max Coltheart

Psychology: Thinking Small or Big?

I've been reading, preparing, and engrossing myself in the works of three Sydney-based researchers: Drs. Richard Bryant (UNSW), Max Coltheart (Macquarie), and Joe Forgas (UNSW).  In various ways each has developed scholarship demonstrating how our thoughts and the generation of those thoughts are affected by our emotions. Psychology has some history regarding these topics. Or, … Continue reading Psychology: Thinking Small or Big?

Multiple Traces of Dr. Doug Hintzman

Dr. Doug Hintzman is an emeritus professor at the University of Oregon and a critical scholar who developed ideas and research that fueled our understanding of cognitive processes over the past 40 years. I would include him as a prominent figure of the cognitive revolution (the field shifting movement that rebirthed the use of cognitive … Continue reading Multiple Traces of Dr. Doug Hintzman