A Few Short Stories of Dr. Michael Corballis

Dr. Mike Corballis met me on the tiny island of Waiheke, a short ferry ride from downtown Aukland. He is an Emeritus Professor and Inaugural Creativity Fellow at the University of Aukland in New Zealand where he has served since 1978. His research is far-reaching in scope, his publications are theoretically provocative and speak to … Continue reading A Few Short Stories of Dr. Michael Corballis

Orienting Towards Dr. Mike Posner

  Over a career of more than 50 years Dr. Mike Posner of the University of Oregon has been a defining figure in Psychology -- most notably for his efforts shepherding in the age of neuroscience¬†for Psychology. In studies on attention, visual orienting, and a host of related cognitive processes, Dr. Posner and his colleagues … Continue reading Orienting Towards Dr. Mike Posner