A Model for Understanding Dr. Rich Mayer

Dr.  Rich Mayer is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California -- Santa Barbara who has bridged from his roots in cognition into educational psychology. If one traces his career, the influence of Dr. Mayer is very quickly evident. Over his long and incredibly prolific career, Dr. Mayer was one of the … Continue reading A Model for Understanding Dr. Rich Mayer

The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Themes from the personal to the political permeate the research of Dr. Brenda Major: from her groundbreaking work on issues of mental health and emotional responses to abortion, to her early research on gender and the psychology of non-reciprocal touch between people, to her more recent studies on stigma relating to ethnicity, culture, and body-weight. … Continue reading The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major