The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Themes from the personal to the political permeate the research of Dr. Brenda Major: from her groundbreaking work on issues of mental health and emotional responses to abortion, to her early research on gender and the psychology of non-reciprocal touch between people, to her more recent studies on stigma relating to ethnicity, culture, and body-weight. … Continue reading The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

Dr. Albert Bandura has been one of the foremost influential thinkers and researchers in Psychology since his career began in the mid-1950's. His work with Social Learning Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Self-Efficacy, and the related clinical applications with Guided Mastery have been seminal to our understanding of everything from how people learn, to the Psychology … Continue reading The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

An Unobtrusive Conversation with Dr. Joe Forgas

As a young man, Dr. Joe Forgas risked his life and liberty to travel from soviet-controlled Hungary to Australia. In doing so, he eventually forged a career that spanned the social and cognitive domains in Psychology, he became an authority on how affect influences decision-making, and he brought an unique voice and influential perspective to … Continue reading An Unobtrusive Conversation with Dr. Joe Forgas

The Explicit Cognitions of Dr. Tony Greenwald

Dr. Tony Greenwald grew up among some legends. His father, the much renowned Bernard Green, composed, arranged, and conducted music for television, radio, and movies including Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows (a brilliant comedy series that helped to launch the careers of Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Carl Reiner and others) and Mister Peepers (featuring Tony Randall, Wally … Continue reading The Explicit Cognitions of Dr. Tony Greenwald