The Mythical Fathers of Psychology

In 1967 renowned Psychology professor Ulric Neisser published a book entitled Cognitive Psychology. Prior to to 1967 certainly there was a trove language and philosophy of mind research dating from ancient Greek  philosophers, biologists, and religious scholars. By the late 1950's Simon and Newell had developed the early AI programs investigating computational simulations and understanding of human … Continue reading The Mythical Fathers of Psychology

The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Themes from the personal to the political permeate the research of Dr. Brenda Major: from her groundbreaking work on issues of mental health and emotional responses to abortion, to her early research on gender and the psychology of non-reciprocal touch between people, to her more recent studies on stigma relating to ethnicity, culture, and body-weight. … Continue reading The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Running Down a Dream with Dr. Allison Harvey

Scalable, accessible, affordable interventions define the aims of Dr. Allison Harvey's research with mental illness.  She is a professor at the University of California -- Berkeley, the Director of the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic, and an award-winning scholar who is partnering with community clinics across northern California to work towards the realization … Continue reading Running Down a Dream with Dr. Allison Harvey

Embracing Diversity with Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon who has been influential in promoting greater diversity and inclusiveness in Psychology. He has also produced a long-standing research program on sexual aggressiveness and predictors of recidivism for those involved crimes of sexual assault and aggression. You might wonder: how … Continue reading Embracing Diversity with Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall