Dr. Gordon Bower Among Giants

  (Featured image is Dr. Bower at his home. Below are some of the trees that populate the campus of Stanford University. The title of this post refers to Dr. Bower's height, his prominent position among many influential psychologists, and his career in northern California, home to the Giant Redwoods -- the tallest trees in … Continue reading Dr. Gordon Bower Among Giants

Multiple Traces of Dr. Doug Hintzman

Dr. Doug Hintzman is an emeritus professor at the University of Oregon and a critical scholar who developed ideas and research that fueled our understanding of cognitive processes over the past 40 years. I would include him as a prominent figure of the cognitive revolution (the field shifting movement that rebirthed the use of cognitive … Continue reading Multiple Traces of Dr. Doug Hintzman

Embracing Diversity with Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon who has been influential in promoting greater diversity and inclusiveness in Psychology. He has also produced a long-standing research program on sexual aggressiveness and predictors of recidivism for those involved crimes of sexual assault and aggression. You might wonder: how … Continue reading Embracing Diversity with Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

Side note: Northwest Passage!

From sea to shining sea: we have now driven well over 6000 mi/10,000 km on our meandering Journey to Psychology and have reached the beautiful city of Seattle. Our route has taken us through major metropolitan areas inĀ  Boston, Toronto, Montreal, and Chicago, and through small towns in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, the Dakotas, Wyoming, … Continue reading Side note: Northwest Passage!