The Canons of Dr. Daniel Levitin

Cognitive-neuroscientist, author, rock star, music producer.  It's the kind of CV that an ambitiously dreaming 8-year old might conjure and it is also the career of Dr. Daniel Levitin.  Someday, Dr. Levitin will undoubtedly put together the collected tales of his life. His early experiences in engineering and musical arrangement, those years performing with bands, … Continue reading The Canons of Dr. Daniel Levitin

Side note: Journeys into the Real, the Unreal, and the Surreal

Over the past two weeks this Journey2Psychology has been in Southern California: moving from Santa Barbara into various parts of Los Angeles (the inland empire, the OC, Long Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica), and onwards into San Diego.  It would be easy to spend months here, chronicling the tremendous and influential psychologists/behavioral scientists who were lured … Continue reading Side note: Journeys into the Real, the Unreal, and the Surreal

Orienting Towards Dr. Mike Posner

  Over a career of more than 50 years Dr. Mike Posner of the University of Oregon has been a defining figure in Psychology -- most notably for his efforts shepherding in the age of neuroscience for Psychology. In studies on attention, visual orienting, and a host of related cognitive processes, Dr. Posner and his colleagues … Continue reading Orienting Towards Dr. Mike Posner