Dr. Jim Sidanius and the cross-section of Social Sciences

Dr. Jim Sidanius is a tremendous scholar and a fascinating person. I am grateful to him for the opportunity to hear about his life and how his experiences led to the development of Social Dominance Theory, and the associated instrument, the Social Dominance Orientation, and a number of studies from him and his colleagues integrating political psychology, sociology, evolutionary theory, comparative biology, anthropology, and related topics in pursuit of critical mechanisms.

In the audio clip below, he introduces himself. I have to say, even hearing about how he came to be Jim Sidanius is an unexpected and interesting episode from his life:

From James Brown of NYC to Jim Sidanius, Swedish citizen!

As ever from these conversations, there is a lot to tell from Dr. Sidanius’ life and his development of the Social Dominance Theory. For today I will share his description from his days as undergrad at CUNY. Specifically, Dr. Sidanius described his involvement in the civil rights movement and marching across the Pettus bridge from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. From this march, to determining how best to forge ahead in his life.

Here is Dr. Sidanius describing his participation in this major historical event, the ideas he and his friends were considering, and how this helped firm his decision to go to graduate school at the University of Stockholm!

From discrimination and self/social evaluation in USA to Sweden for graduate school to Carnegie-Mellon to University of Texas, Austin to UCLA to NYU to Harvard University. There is much to know from the life of Dr. Sidanius’ life and how this life provided the context to one of the most important theories of bigotry and institutional discrimination.

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