The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

Dr. Dorothy Bishop is the Wellcome Principle Research Fellow and a Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford University. Her influence is broad after having spent much of her career investigating neurological disorders that affect language development in children. Consequently her contributions to Psychology are theoretically important for models of linguistic and cognitive development and clinically … Continue reading The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

The Possible Selves of Dr. Daphna Oyserman

Does culture influence how we think? Dr. Daphna Oyserman has been researching culture, identity and the interaction of these constructs as they impact social and psychological development of children and families across three continents during her career. While she is currently the Dean’s Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Dornsife Center for Mind and … Continue reading The Possible Selves of Dr. Daphna Oyserman

Multivariate Analyses of Dr. Peter Bentler

Dr. Peter Bentler of UCLA has investigated drug addiction, personality theory, and a host of other behavioral and clinical paradigms. He is also one of the most cited scholars in Psychology for his innovations with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and the related quantitative concepts.  In working with SEM, Dr. Bentler  and colleagues created and facilitated a … Continue reading Multivariate Analyses of Dr. Peter Bentler

Photo journey: Southwestern States

To date this Journey2Psychology has included conversations with 51 psychologists during travels from my starting point at William Paterson University (New Jersey) to Boston (Harvard, U Mass, Boston University, Northeastern U) to Brown University to Montreal (McGill, U of Montreal) to Toronto (U Toronto, UTM); down via Toledo OH to Washington U (St. Louis) up … Continue reading Photo journey: Southwestern States

The Critical Thoughts of Dr. Diane Halpern

Dr. Diane Halpern has served Psychology prominently as a scientist, writer, and leader. As Dr. Halpern describes in her introduction (below), she is most recognized for her research on gender differences in cognition and for her work to understand and advance strategies for critical thinking -- although certainly her publications extend well beyond those domains. … Continue reading The Critical Thoughts of Dr. Diane Halpern

The Canons of Dr. Daniel Levitin

Cognitive-neuroscientist, author, rock star, music producer.  It's the kind of CV that an ambitiously dreaming 8-year old might conjure and it is also the career of Dr. Daniel Levitin.  Someday, Dr. Levitin will undoubtedly put together the collected tales of his life. His early experiences in engineering and musical arrangement, those years performing with bands, … Continue reading The Canons of Dr. Daniel Levitin