Photo journey: Southwestern States


To date this Journey2Psychology has included conversations with 51 psychologists during travels from my starting point at William Paterson University (New Jersey) to Boston (Harvard, U Mass, Boston University, Northeastern U) to Brown University to Montreal (McGill, U of Montreal) to Toronto (U Toronto, UTM); down via Toledo OH to Washington U (St. Louis) up to U of Illinois, on to Northwestern, U of Chicago, across to U Wisconsin-Madison, Iowa State University, across to University of Utah traveling through the Badlands, up to University of Washington, down through Portland OR and University of Oregon to Stanford U and UC Berkeley. From there we flew to Sydney (Macquarie University, U of Sydney) over to Aukland NZ (U of Aukland), down to Christchurch, over to Melbourne AUS (U of Melbourne), drove back up to Sydney for a return flight to California. We continued south to UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, Claremont-Mckenna, USC, UC Riverside, and UC Irvine and on to UC San Diego. From there we turned east to Arizona State University (Phoenix) continuing through New Mexico to where we are now in Texas. (Image above roughly traces our path west across the US, over to Oceania, back to US and continuing east).

All told this sums up to approximately:

28,500 mi/46,000 km 

8 months

51 Influential Psychologists

35 different cities/towns of residence

I’ll complete this year of sabbatical with about 3 more months of travel, and many more conversations across England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Southeastern part of the United States on our way back home!

Many people we meet are curious if we’ve grown tired of the travel. Nope. This continues to be the most inspirational professional year of my life and one of the peak experiences of my life. Not everything is perfect, not everything is easy, but this journey has been engaging on many levels!

Here are a few images from the past two weeks of travel (mostly in New Mexico which is just so damn photographic!).


Mesa outside of Sante Fe, NM




Lo-Rez street art festival, Albuquerque NM. We stumbled into this and loved the vibrancy of this city!



Apr_OkeefePaintingOne of many incredible Georgia O’Keeffe works on  display at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Sante Fe, NM


Apr_MeowWolf_SanteFeWe visited Meow Wolf in Sante Fe and were totally transfixed. It was the psychedelic answer to The House on the Rock and an artistic transportation through space-time alternate realities.




So much rich and gorgeous landscape in Arizona and New Mexico!



This mural adorns the campus of UC San Diego!

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