Psychology now and then

With increasing frequency I've been speakingĀ  with amazing scholars about their lives, their journey's to Psychology, and the contributions that they've made to this discipline. I've now traveled 27,000 mi/43,000 km from New Jersey to Boston, fromĀ  Boston to Montreal, from Montreal to Toronto, from Toronto to Ohio, from Ohio to Wisconsin and Iowa, through … Continue reading Psychology now and then

The Happy Tale of Dr. Ed Diener

In some circles, Dr. Ed Diener is known as Dr. Happiness -- a moniker bestowed from his life's work exploring, testing, and determining how ones actions, thoughts, and circumstances relate to subjective well-being (SWB aka happiness). Dr. Diener is one of the most influential figures in Psychology for his tremendous research contributions, the charitable contributions … Continue reading The Happy Tale of Dr. Ed Diener