Dr. Roxy Cohen Silver and the Events that Shape our Era

Dr. Roxane Cohen Silver has been at the forefront of psychology's efforts to serve and support people during unimaginable tragedy and to help us prepare for disaster.  Over her career she has led the efforts to help us understand grief, coping, and perseverance by communities following on Hurricanes Ivan,  Katrina, and Sandy; in the wake … Continue reading Dr. Roxy Cohen Silver and the Events that Shape our Era

The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

Dr. Dorothy Bishop is the Wellcome Principle Research Fellow and a Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford University. Her influence is broad after having spent much of her career investigating neurological disorders that affect language development in children. Consequently her contributions to Psychology are theoretically important for models of linguistic and cognitive development and clinically … Continue reading The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

The Mythical Fathers of Psychology

In 1967 renowned Psychology professor Ulric Neisser published a book entitled Cognitive Psychology. Prior to to 1967 certainly there was a trove language and philosophy of mind research dating from ancient Greek  philosophers, biologists, and religious scholars. By the late 1950's Simon and Newell had developed the early AI programs investigating computational simulations and understanding of human … Continue reading The Mythical Fathers of Psychology

The Possible Selves of Dr. Daphna Oyserman

Does culture influence how we think? Dr. Daphna Oyserman has been researching culture, identity and the interaction of these constructs as they impact social and psychological development of children and families across three continents during her career. While she is currently the Dean’s Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Dornsife Center for Mind and … Continue reading The Possible Selves of Dr. Daphna Oyserman

Side note: A very different journey

We have spent the last couple of weeks journeying through England. From our arrival in Heathrow we traveled up to Cambridge, to York, and back down to Oxford and London. England has much storied universities, incredible scholars, and in the weeks ahead I will be posting on my conversations with Drs. Dorothy Bishop (Oxford), Susan … Continue reading Side note: A very different journey

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus for the People

Psychology has but a few superstars whose research is widely known across all of our sub-disciplines, and whose findings, books, and talks are influential for people not involved in Psychology. This level of renown is rare because to be known in the public requires an influence that directly affects our social mores and activities; because Psychology … Continue reading Dr. Elizabeth Loftus for the People