Dr. Michael Shermer Brings Science to the People

The goal of this Journey2Psychology project has been to capture conversations with influential Psychologists -- those who have contributed scholarship, ideas, and activities that have helped to develop the field as it currently stands. From that perspective Dr. Michael Shermer, Founder of Skeptic magazine, is both ideal and curious as an important part of this … Continue reading Dr. Michael Shermer Brings Science to the People

Side note: Journeys into the Real, the Unreal, and the Surreal

Over the past two weeks this Journey2Psychology has been in Southern California: moving from Santa Barbara into various parts of Los Angeles (the inland empire, the OC, Long Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica), and onwards into San Diego.  It would be easy to spend months here, chronicling the tremendous and influential psychologists/behavioral scientists who were lured … Continue reading Side note: Journeys into the Real, the Unreal, and the Surreal

The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Themes from the personal to the political permeate the research of Dr. Brenda Major: from her groundbreaking work on issues of mental health and emotional responses to abortion, to her early research on gender and the psychology of non-reciprocal touch between people, to her more recent studies on stigma relating to ethnicity, culture, and body-weight. … Continue reading The Empowered Dr. Brenda Major

Psychology now and then

With increasing frequency I've been speaking  with amazing scholars about their lives, their journey's to Psychology, and the contributions that they've made to this discipline. I've now traveled 27,000 mi/43,000 km from New Jersey to Boston, from  Boston to Montreal, from Montreal to Toronto, from Toronto to Ohio, from Ohio to Wisconsin and Iowa, through … Continue reading Psychology now and then

The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

Dr. Albert Bandura has been one of the foremost influential thinkers and researchers in Psychology since his career began in the mid-1950's. His work with Social Learning Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Self-Efficacy, and the related clinical applications with Guided Mastery have been seminal to our understanding of everything from how people learn, to the Psychology … Continue reading The Legend of Dr. Albert Bandura

Dr. Laura Carstensen Across Time and Space

Dr. Laura Carstensen is an award-winning scientist at Stanford University who has spent her life's work on one of the defining issues of our era: older adulthood and developmental psychology in the second half of life. Even a cursory glance at population demographics will show the global increase in longevity and the growing size of our … Continue reading Dr. Laura Carstensen Across Time and Space