Dr. Diana Deutsch Across Science and Art

  Dr. Diana Deutsch started her life in the family of a brilliant, but struggling artist (her father), and equipped with an overflowing love for music and a penchant for precociousness. Her influence in Psychology has been enduring and profound. In 1966 she published Physiological Psychology, co-written with her husband, Anthony Deutsch (a much lauded physiological … Continue reading Dr. Diana Deutsch Across Science and Art

The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

Dr. Dorothy Bishop is the Wellcome Principle Research Fellow and a Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford University. Her influence is broad after having spent much of her career investigating neurological disorders that affect language development in children. Consequently her contributions to Psychology are theoretically important for models of linguistic and cognitive development and clinically … Continue reading The Mysteries of Dr. Dorothy Bishop

Photo Journey: Scotland to Ireland

After some wonderful conversations with Drs. Ian Deary (Univ. of Edinburgh) and Lawrence Barsalou (Univ. of Glasgow) we made our way south to Wales and caught the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin.  Below are photos from Scotland and the beautiful southwest of Ireland. Back in Dublin now preparing to meet a scholar at Trinity College … Continue reading Photo Journey: Scotland to Ireland

An Integrated Framework to Dr. Norbert Schwarz

Dr. Norbert Schwarz  co-directs the Dornsife Center  for Mind and Society at the University of Southern California (with Dr. Daphna Oyserman) where he is a Provost's Professor of Psychology. He has worked expansively: with big ideas that cut across the disciplines of the Social Sciences and across institutions in Germany and the United States. While … Continue reading An Integrated Framework to Dr. Norbert Schwarz