Photo journey: Marin/SF California

“Something special!” Those were the words spoken time and time again for those who accompanied Mrs. Terwilliger on her nature walks. I was fortunate to have done so many times with my family — although I was far too young at the time to realize just how special those somethings might be. On a fungus growing off the base of a giant redwood we might leave a fairy message. We might have our attention directed to a vulture circling low in the sky and demarcated by the V-shape it formed. While I was too young then, later, in grad and studying the works of J. J. Gibson we came across his observation: “Psychology does not stand in awe of its subject matter.” As part of this journey the weight of all that idea implies is reaching to my core. Each time I dive deeply into one of the scholarly areas of these amazing Psychologists and each time we explore the new and beautiful places around us I feel the depth of Psychology’s study and an awe for the people and places we find.

As we (my wife, my son, and me) journey around the world to meet with Psychologists, we are frequently struck by the beauty of the places around us. We stand in awe at the sights and places that we see. Here is a glimpse of our recent journeying around Marin county and San Francisco.  Most of the photos were taken by Alexis Yael, my love and beautiful partner on this journey).


(Me, momentarily suspended, near the base of two monumental, thousands of years old Giant Redwood trees at Muir Woods. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(Grove of Giant Redwoods at Muir woods towering hundreds of feet (75-ish meters?) over our heads. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(More of Muir Woods. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(Cross section of a tree at Muir woods showing its two thousand year growth. Credit photo to Alexis Yael))


(Fungi growing at the base of a Giant Redwood in Muir Woods. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(Muir beach — a short distance along windy roads from Muir Woods. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(View from Fisherman’s Wharf, SF. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(View from the Marin Headlands overlooking the bay. Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


(View of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay from Hawk Hill at the peak of the Marin Headlands.)


(View if you turn to face away from the Golden Gate bridge on Hawk Hill, in the Marin Headlands. A fairly spectacular to behold even without the GG bridge).


(View of Ghiradelli Square, SF, night. We played cornhole and ate tacos overlooking the bay! Credit photo to Alexis Yael)


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