Photo Journey: Melbourne

It was a tremendous pleasure visiting some of the fantastic psychologists in Australia and New Zealand, and spending time in some beautiful areas down under. By both design and serendipity we enjoyed a warm summer from late January until February, while my friends on the eastern parts of the United States braved a very cold and snow-filled winter.

Here are some of the photos from our last part of the journey through Australia as we traveled in and around Melbourne, and then up the coast to Sydney to catch our flight back to the United States.


(University of Melbourne Campus images below)UniMelbourne_ (34).JPG


UniMelbourne_ (33).JPG

(Something about this campus seemed to feature freethinking and open thought)

UniMelbourne_ (52).JPG

UniMelbourne_ (31).JPG

There is much to see in the city of Melbourne, which boasts easy and cheap transportation, bike paths, and free access to most museums.


(the Shrine of Remembrance is a massive tribute to remember those served in war)

Melb_CityBeach_ (2).JPG

Images below from outside the city

Mel_GreatOcean.jpg(View from the Great Ocean Road)

1070708.jpg(Parrots are maybe a bit too friendly near the Koala Kafe)

Melb_KoalaPark (11).JPG

(Many koalas up in the trees. So many that they’ve deforested a substantial area of bush along the Great Ocean Road — but they are adorable)

IMG_20190201_195757.jpgIt was a colorful set of sights and the city even has a thriving Chinatown!


So fun!


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